Mission & Vision Statements


At Mentis Systems, our mission is to build productive partnerships with customers and help them achieve greater success by providing the best in knowledge, skills, solutions and services. Our focus is on providing value-based IT services and solutions for our customers that deliver exceptional customer experience and to do so in a cost effective way. Through our services we enable our clients to concentrate more on their core business providing value to their clients and the societies which they are part of.


Our goal is to be one of the leaders in the business we operate, achieve consistent, sustainable growth by delivering high value to customers, shareholders and employees. We also make efforts to integrate and make a tangible difference to the communities we operate in. As a company we strive to maximize profitability and deliver the highest returns to our stakeholders.


We believe in delivering our customers value beyond the conventional by way of our committed and skilled resources in diverse technologies, business oriented and scalable solutions, matured and agile processes and well-tuned onshore-offshore model.

The Mentis team strives to deliver long-term benefit to each of our customers. Our client focus remains long-term even when many of our projects are high profile, run on a short timeline and involve significant organizational change.